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Soon after we receive your email or call, we will contact you to make an appointment time and give you basic instructions. If you cannot make the appointment time we assign you, you may call or email us for another time; however, we are a very busy and growing practice and availability is limited. If you do not have an email, we will contact you by phone, but be advised that this may take a few days. Once you make your appointment there are several things you should know. To get started you must not use any opiates for 12-24 hours prior to your first appointment. You need to be starting into withdrawal before starting subutex. Once you get started on Subutex or Suboxone, you will be seen weekly times 2 visits, then at 2 weeks, then monthly thereafter. Drug tests will be checked initially, then randomly on a regular basis for compliance. 


The fee for new patients is $260.00 for the first visit. The entire induction and stabilization period (the whole first month), is covered by the initial $260.00. You will only be charged once for the month. After getting established and stabilized the first month, you will be seen every 4 weeks. The fee is $220.00 per visit. In-office drug tests will be included in the cost of the visit. If urine or blood needs to be sent out because of abnormalities on the in-house drug screen or because of patients at high risk (ie patients with Hepatitis C, or active liver disease), there may be additional fees incurred from labs. This is determined on an individual basis, and every effort is made to spare you any additional fees from unnecessary tests. 
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At Advanced Concepts in Medicine, we take care to provide our customers high quality services, personalized medical care for their unique needs. Please take that first step and call us to secure your appointment and start on the path to recovery and a new life.  

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